Ketogenic diet (hereinafter referred to as “Keto diet”) is everywhere. Keto diet is an easygoing mechanism to lose weight instantly and is not like any other diet wherein you have to stop eating or reduce your fat intake in food. In the recent years the said diet has gained such popularity that many people who are keen about their health are now following the same moreover, it is vital to mention that the Keto diet is easy to follow and it is not some special food that needs to be bought, delivered or made at home. This is basically just a simple shift in ‘how you eat’ which helps you reduce weight. Eating more fat and low carbs is that simple shift which takes your body into a ketosis state and your body uses fat to fuel your energy instead of carbs. 

Studies by experts which include, but not limited to, fitness trainers, have indicated that higher fasting blood sugar can be due to excessive protein, adding carbohydrates (knowing and unknowingly), snacks or your cortisol is high.

When your Keto diet is a healthy one and you are following the proper plan that includes intermittent fasting, your bodies insulin goes lower. The function of insulin is to push the sugars down, that is to suppress the sugars. After the said process has taken place your body in now in a insulin resistance mode and your blood sugar might go up or stay the same as the case may be. During the said process the sugar level may be higher but it is only a matter of time.

Keto diet helps the body and the muscles to fuel its energy from fatty acids rather than glucose which it used to take from the carbohydrates. This in return helps the body lose weight faster as your body and muscles is absorbing all the fats and turning it into energy. One of the reasons for high blood sugar levels is also the ‘dawn phenomenon’. Dawn phenomenon is basically what normally happens to every human being in the morning which is a hormonal cycle wherein certain hormones that are produced in the morning specifically that help a human body to wake up and one of the ways it helps the body is to increase the production of glucose for energy.  In Ketosis the muscles adapt to finding its source of energy from fatty acids and are no more reluctant on producing energy from glucose hence the glucose stays in your blood as it is not needed. This is the reason why the sugar level in the blood may be higher than normal when you wake up which seems to be unreasonable but in reality it is nothing to worry about. If you still worry about your blood sugar being higher, it is always best to consult your doctor and it is advisable that you do your HbA1c test for measuring how well your blood glucose is being managed over time.

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