How to Exercise on Keto Diet – Works Out for Weight Loss

Keto diet which started out as a plan to target and heal certain diseases, is a low-carb and high-fat plan which helps to lose weight quickly. In this diet, people usually eat for a certain amount of time, and very limited meals are allowed to be taken. But, to achieve maximum Keto Diet Weight loss, can a workout be added to it? Is it safe to do so or not? Let us find out. 

Since this diet has little to no carbs allowed, you might feel a little tired and agitated at first as you are running low on fuel. It is important to know which types of exercises you can choose which will help you lose weight but not require a lot of energy. This diet can affect how well you exercise and you might not be able to give in as compared to following any other plan. 

Before starting with a gym workout, it is important that you: 

  1. Eat your proper meal. Even though it will be low in carbs, but still will be enough to burn in exercise. Remember, fat is the last macronutrient that is burned in a workout. If you do not eat properly, you might not be able to make it through and ultimately endangering yourself. 
  2. Do not do HIIT or Cardio. Such exercise is very high intensity and requires a lot of energy and fuel. It will not only leave you feeling exhausted but you will also feel drained and weak. It is recommended to follow slow intensity and weight lifting initially. 
  3. Know your limitations. Every person has a limit to where they can push themselves. If you feel nausea, dizziness or fatigue then you should take it easy. This diet is not for everyone which can put a lot of stress on you if you pair it with a high intensity workout. 

Gym workout plan for keto

This diet plan is a little restrictive as compared to others; you need to be careful about pairing it up with exercises. Two types of workouts are preferred for people who are on keto diet: 

  1. Strength training – This includes lifting up weights. You can start with lighter weights first and then build up as much as you can. 
  2. Lower Intensity Workouts – These exercises still increase your heart rate but will not put extra stress on your body, For example swimming, jogging, walk, cycling and other sports. 

Workouts to Avoid: 

  1. High intensity or cardio workouts should be avoided since they require a lot of energy. They will also burn out your little carb reservoir fast, so you will feel weak easily. 
  2. Tabata workout, which is also a HIIT, should be avoided
  3. Circuit training
  4. Any other form of workout which utilizes a lot of energy

Keto diet may show results, but it can be hard for you and your body to adapt to this new change. To workout, start slowly and listen to your body. Do only what you feel comfortable in. 

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