Weight Loss Statistics in Pakistan

A lot of people have been living in a sedentary lifestyle, with an increased amount of junk and processed foods being used in our household. With the lifestyle becoming more hectic, people do not have time to cook meals; rather they sit at one place working the whole day, and do not have any time to play a sport or workout! All these factors are leading Obesity to increase in Pakistan. Previously it was a global phenomenon knows to be harmful for our health. There are so many risk factors associated with it. 

But why is obesity so harmful? 

Due to an increase in obesity, risk for diabetes, hypertension and other such diseases have increased many folds. Not only that, joint and bone problems, such as arthritis is also seen in such cases. Previously, very few such cases were reported where younger kids had diabetes or blood pressure issues. Such people also have increased chances to have kidney disease or cancer.

Statistics on Obesity:

According to the research by WHO, 26% women face obesity and 19% men too. It is seen mostly in urban areas, where 56% of men and 67% of women face obesity. Amongst the 198 countries dealing with this epidemic, Pakistan ranks on number 9. Around 3.4 million people lost their lives to this hazardous disease. If it continues this way then more people will risk losing their lives in this battle. 

Overall, 1/3rd population is obese in Pakistan. 14% adults are obese as compared to kids, who on the other hand are dying because of malnutrition. BMI values indicate that 14% have more than 30. This means that strict precautions are needed.

One main problem seen in Pakistan is that around 73% of obese people remain undiagnosed. They think this is a normal thing, and all genetics and do not take their condition serious. 

Corrective Actions to be taken: 

One of the most important steps is to educate men and women about their condition and tell them that they are actually suffering from a disease, which is curable. People need to be serious about it and start working to get better. 

Another main culprit is the sedentary lifestyle. Men still get some opportunity to continue sports, but women do not. There are Ladies gyms in Islamabad which women can join and become healthier. 

The other important factor is diet and nutrition – it is necessary to completely skip all processed food items and fast foods. Not only are they unhygienic but also the main root of obesity. We should add more organic items into our lifestyle and delete all the detrimental and harmful foods like these. Plant based diet is also really popular. Instead of choosing diet fads, one must follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle which is a lot more permanent and easy. 

All of the actions can be taken by anyone to improve their lifestyle. For obese people who want to start exercising, it is important to take an advice from a doctor or a gym workout trainer before you start. 

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